Friday, August 23, 2013

My dads Ants Cottage

we are going to my dads ants cottage.  My brothers can fish, we can go to the mall, and the ice cream shop.  We are going to stay in the cottage for 2 nights and three days. we are going necks week.  We  are getting back the day before school starts.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

home schooling

 My mom got the school room  cleaned  out the school room today.  And she got are books in are bins. It looks good now.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

River View

we went to river view. that's a plays where artists com and perform,  Wen we were there we performed. We did toes the feathers. I was nervous at first but it was fun. are grandma and grandpa cam to. it was 3 and a  half owers there and back.

Cousins Camp

 My grandma made a camp that was just for the girl cousins. she said that she would do one with all the bay cousins. We went to a lake two days in a row.  She made a art studio with ant pat.  When we were at cousins camp my brothers hade are cousins.

6 flags

we went to  6 flags with are cousins.   Wewent on the rides before we went on the water slides. It was really fun. My favorite part was the water slides. We also went in the lazy pool and the wave pool it was lots of fun.

My Birthday

 I had my birthday and I wonted a easy bake oven. I got a easy bake oven. I made two cakes and I do not now how many cupcakes I made. I really love my easy bake oven. I  also got a headband from my sister, my brother gave my a duke tap  wallet ,  Molly gave me a picture of myself, my other brother gave me jewelry.  

Startng a Blog

I am exited because I really wanted a blog and finally my mom said I could start a blog.  My sister helped me start a blog.  We are homeschooled and  the day before school starts we are getting back from our trip. We are going to are Aunt Peg's house.  We are going to stay in their cottage.  She said that we could go to the ice cream shop. This is our first vacation.